What happens when People of Color proclaim their dignity, beauty, and creativity; and people of all races imagine worlds of racial justice and equity?

I. Agendas

A Vision for Black Lives

Campaign Zero

Divestment and Weaponization of White Power & Privilege, and Leveraging White Peoples’ Resources

II. Love

Aya de Leon – The Statement We Wish We’d Gotten From the White Mother Who Mistakenly Ended Up With a Black Sperm Donor

Brix Gabriel – Beyond Solidarity: A Woman of Color in the Black Lives Matter Movement

Jenny M. James – Making Love, Making Friends: Affiliation and Repair in James Baldwin’s Another Country (PDF)

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – Loving Your Enemies

Linda Sarsour – Radical Love

III. Fantasy and Prophecy

Walida Imarisha – Science Fiction and Social Change

Octavia Butler Strategic Reader (PDF)

Troy L. Wiggins – Black Speculative Fiction is Protest Work

Killian Wright-Jackson – How We Partition Black Masculinity

IV. Art


Black Futures Month

Priscilla Frank – Your Brief and Far-Out Guide to Afrofuturism

V. Community

Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind


Harriet’s Apothecary

Outdoor Afro

Planting Justice

Purple Rain Collective

Safe Outside the System

Sistah Vegan Project

Sojourners Land

Soul Fire Farm

Spectrum Queer Media

Wildseeds Collective